Affordable Housing Webinar

The City of Langley is bringing together a panel of experts to present possible solutions to the current affordable housing challenges facing local workers.  This event will be held as a Zoom webinar on September 14 at 6:30 pm and is intended for builders, developers, home finance specialist, large employers, affordable/attainable housing advocates and interested residents. 

Carl Schroeder, Deputy Director of Government Relations, and housing specialist at the Association of Washington Cities, will begin the event by providing an overview of some of the policy and financing tools used successfully in other areas of Washington State. 

Other presenters will discuss successful non-profit housing development models and methods of ensuring permanent affordability, including community land trusts, inclusionary requirements, conversion of existing housing stock, funding mechanisms, and owner/tenant qualifying procedures and other administrative challenges.

Michael Hassig, architect and a former 3-term mayor and former Planning and Zoning Commission Chair for Carbondale, Colorado, will discuss the evolution and lessons learned from his community's response to a severe shortage of affordable housing in the early 2000s.  Kim Toskey, a mortgage specialist, and affordable housing consultant who serves on the boards of the Washington Low Income Housing Alliance and the Northwest Community Land Trust Association will discuss success she has had with community land trust as a method of creating attainable for-sale housing, including a new project she is working called the Homes and Hope Community Land Trust. 

Melora Hiller, community development consultant and former CEO of Grounded Solutions Network (providing technical assistance to jurisdictions and land trusts developing programs for inclusive and equitable housing programs) and volunteer Co-Chair of Housing Lopez, will talk about her island community's success in using prefab modular construction, together with an innovative tenancy program, to ensure affordable rental opportunities for local essential workers.

Former Langley City Planner Brigid Reynolds will discuss what can and can’t be done under current city code and some of the myths around increased density and affordability.  Joanne Pelant, Housing Programs Supervisor with the Island County Department of Human Services will discuss current county programs, revenue sources and grants for affordable housing development.  Langley Planning Advisory Board member and economist Greg Easton, a member of the Langley Planning Advisory Board and retired land use economist with 45-years of experience, will discuss the pros and cons of tax-supported revenue programs.  Orin Kolaitis CEO of Habitat for Humanity of Island County will discuss his programs successes and challenges. Rose Hughes, Finance Director for Goosefoot Community Fund, will wrap up the evening by spotlighting activities each one of can take to be part of the solution.

This event is a follow-up to the webinar held by the City on May 25th, 2021, that focused on understanding the range of needs for affordable housing. While both events focus on needs in the City of Langley, the information presented will be of interest to anyone interested in or working in the field of affordable housing; and may be of particular interest to prospective landlords, real estate professionals, developers, elected government officials, housing officials and others who work in the field. Video of the first webinar is available at :  A 40-page detailed report that presents a summary of that presentation including housing need statistics for both Langley and the County in general is available at Housing Challenges Report (

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