Resource Conservation

IMGThe City of Langley is committed to fostering a sustainable community for residents, visitors, and businesses. Learn what you can do to conserve our community resources in each of the following areas:

Water Conservation
Water Quality
Garbage & Recycling

For a pdf version with more information, download:
Langley Resource Guide


The average home in Langley pays $1,200 per year for electricity, contributing about 6 tons of carbon dioxide to the atmosphere.  Through efficiency, green power, or local generation, you can help be a part of lowering our energy costs and our carbon footprint!Click here for the Home Energy Savings Guide.

To help you understand where your energy dollars go, you can also install a Power Cost Monitor. It reads your electric meter and displays what you are paying for electricity in real time. To borrow a monitor, sign up at the Langley Library or email 


Saving water saves energy. The City’s single largest electric expense is to pump and treat the water we use every day. Click here for ways to cut your water bill.

To get a FREE water conservation kit from the Public Works Department, click here.

WATER QUALITY - You're standing on Langley's drinking fountain!

Whatever goes on your yard can end up in Langley's water system. How can you protect the water you drink?

1. Check out this Island County resource on how you can protect our waters:

Our Islands, Our Water, Our Future

2. See the adopted City plan to protect our wells or click on the map and see which wellhead protection area you are in:

Wellhead Protection Area Map

3. Consider the use of these other water quality protection measures.

Utilize natural yard care
Call the Garden Hotline at (206) 633-0224 or check brochures done by the Saving Water Patnership for information on natural yard care.

Gather your household toxic materials and take them to:
Island County Solid Waste, Bayview Transfer Station
14566 SR 525, (360) 321-4505
Mon, Wed, Sat & Sun 9:30 am – 5:00 pm


Almost 1/3 of Langley's Carbon Footprint comes from burning gas for transportation. We can reduce our costs and carbon footprint through car pools, buses, walking, bicycling and high efficiency vehicles. Learn about local transportation options.


Garbage in a landfill makes methane, a potent greenhouse gas. The City offers several options for reducing what goes to the landfill:

  • Bring your yard debris to the Langley Wastewater Treatment Plant at 999 Coles Road. Before you go, you must get a Yard Debris punchcard at City Hall. ($27 for five pick-up truckloads of yard debris)
  • Recycle used compact fluorescent light bulbs at City Hall. A drop box is set up in the main office.
  • Electronic waste (televisions, monitors, laptop and tower computers) will be accepted FREE OF CHARGE at the Solid Waste Complex near Coupeville and at Island Recycling in Freeland. Take your recyclables (newspaper, cardboard, mixed paper, glass, and plastic tubs) to the Bayview Drop Box station.