Planned Unit Development (PUD)

In February 2020 the City began to work on amendments to the Langley Municipal Code, Chapter 18.26 Planned Unit Development (PUD) as it only permits single family housing development.  The Comprehensive Plan contains policies and goals that support creating neighborhoods that are made up of a mix of housing types and a mix of uses.  As a result of a proposal by by a developer who would like to create a mixed use neighborhood the City entered into a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with the developer to guide the procedural steps to begin writing code amendments for mixed use development.  At its regular meeting on February 3, 2020 Council asked the MOU to be amended to include specific reference to 'permanently or perpetually affordable housing'.  An amendment to the MOU is completed.

A public workshop is scheduled for Wednesday February 26th from 7 to 8:30 pm at the Soundview Center (old Visser Funeral Home) located at the corner of Park Avenue and Third Street.  Everyone is welcome.  Here is a poster with more details.

Here is a link to the comments received at the February 27th meeting.  Comment matrix.

September Update
The consultants, Placemakers and Planning staff have been working on the draft code since the community meeting in February.  As you might expect the pandemic created some delays.  A DRAFT of the Planned Unit Development (PUD) Code has now been completed.  Once approved it would replace the existing Langley Municipal Code Ch. 18.26.  

Here is an updated comment matrix that identifies how and where issues and concerns have been incorporated into the draft PUD code.  You will see that not all issues and concerns have been included because they are beyond the scope what zoning can regulate.

Here are some Frequently Asked Questions and Answers for the PUD code.

A public meeting was held on September 24, 2020 to discuss the draft PUD code.  Here is a link to the audio recording of the meeting.  Here is a link to the powerpoint presentation only.

The City is asking for comments on the final draft of the code.  Please submit your comments to Brigid Reynolds, Director of Community Planning,  The deadline to receive comments is October 8, 2020.