The Planning Advisory Board is holding a public hearing to receive comment and testimoney for the proposed Housing Code Amendments and Ordinance no. 1051.  The hearing is scheduled for Wednesday January 2 at 3 pm in City Hall Council Chambers.  Here is the public hearing notice and the draft ordinance and code amendments.

Notice of DNS and SEPA Checklist for the proposed Housing Code Amendments to amend Chapter 18 of the Langley Municipal Code to add new sections to Chapter 18.22 for accessory dwelling units, boardinghouse and tiny homes; to add a new Chapter 18.22.260 for tiny homes; to amend Chapter 18.04 pertaining to innovative permanently affordable housing projects to add clarifying language; and to amend Ch. 18.01.040 pertaining to definitions to add new and amend existing definitions to be consistent with the code amendments.

Notice of DNS and SEPA checklist for application CA-18-002 Kurt and Marguerite Feichtmeir located at 718 Edgecliffe Drive to replace a tightline and remove vegetation.  Issued 8/15/2018

Recording of the July 25th public hearing for a conditional use application for a Bed and Breakfast Inn (short term or vacation rental) at 113 Fourth St.

Public hearing notice for Ordinance No. 1046.  Six month moratorium for short term rentals.  Hearing to be held on August 20 at the beginning of the Council meeting, approximately 5:40 pm

Final DNS for the Soundview Center for Wellness 5/23/2018
Notice of Application and Optional DNS for the Soundview Center for Wellness.  5/8/2018
SEPA Checklist

Public Hearing notice for Green Building Ordinance to be held Wed. March 7 at 3 pm in City Hall, Council Chambers.

Determination of Nonsignificance and Environmental Check List for the Green Building Ordinance
Environmental Check List 
Determination of Non-Significance 
Green Building Ordinance

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