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For the most up to date and interactive mapping information, check out mapLangley. Directions can be found in the sidebar.
Should you have questions, suggestions, or have identified inaccuracies, please let us know.

This map is intended to be used as a GUIDE. The City of Langley is providing this information as a general geographic representation that should not be used for precise measurements or calibrations. Some features on this map not be accurately depicted. Any user of this map assumes all responsibility and agrees to hold the City of Langley harmless for liability, damages, or loss incurred by the use of this information.

Comprehensive Plan Maps
LU-1 Island County UGAs
LU-2 JPA Overlays

LU-3 JPA JPA Districts
LU-5 Zoning
LU-6 Overlay Districts 
LU-7 Topography
LU-8 Langley Critical Areas 
LU-9 Historical
POS-2 City Parks & Open Space
POS-3 Parks 5 Minute Walk
T-5 Conceptual Trails