Coles Valley

Coles Valley Property History
The Coles Valley property is 40 ac in size and is zoned RS15000.  It is separated by Coles Road such that 11.17 ac is on the west side and 28.64 ac are on the east side.  The property was cleared a number of years ago and a road roughed in but it has never been developed. 

The property was annexed into the City in 2005 by way of an annexation or development agreement.  This annexation agreement is a legal contract between the parties, authorized by RCW 36.70b.170 and is recorded at Island County.  Any proposed development must be completed consistent with this annexation agreement or the agreement must be rescinded or amended pursuant to RCW 36.70B.180.

Proposed Alternative Concept

In recent years, the property owners, South Whidbey LLC, have proposed a couple of different development concepts and have also had the property for sale.  The property owners have been working with local architect Ross Chapin and others to develop this proposed alternative development concept.  As the proposed alternative concept differs considerably from the approved development plan the original annexation agreement must be terminated and an alternative approval process established.  Establishing this alternate approval process and preparing all the associated elements for a complete development proposal is a large and costly undertaking.  The Zoning Code, Chapter 18 of the LMC would have to be amended to establish the enabling code for a master planned development. There are many issues and details that need to be worked out as we move through this process. 

Ross Chapin's submittal to the Planning Advisory Board and City Council included the following DRAFT documents:Draft graphic materials
Narrative Information

The City has entered into a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with the developer to guide the procedural steps to begin writing code amendments for a mixed use development such as the proposed Coles Valley to an application submittal.  At its regular meeting on February 3, 2020 Council asked the MOU to be amended to include specific reference to 'permanently or perpetually affordable housing'.  An amendment to the MOU is completed.

A public workshop is scheduled for Wednesday February 26th from 7 to 8:30 pm at the Soundview Center (old Visser Funeral Home) located at the corner of Park Avenue and Third Street.  Everyone is welcome.  Here is a poster with more details.

Here is a link to the comments received at the February 27th meeting.  Comment matrix.

September Update
The consultants, Placemakers and Planning staff have been working on the draft code since the community meeting in February.  As you might expect the pandemic created some delays.  A DRAFT of the Planned Unit Development (PUD) Code has now been completed.  Once approved it would replace the existing Langley Municipal Code Ch. 18.26.  

Here is an updated comment matrix that identifies how and where issues and concerns have been incorporated into the draft PUD code.  You will see that not all issues and concerns have been included because they are beyond the scope what zoning can regulate.

Here are some Frequently Asked Questions and Answers for the PUD code.

Click here for more information on the Planned Unit Development Ch. 18.26 code amendment process.