Ethics Board

The functions of the board shall be to:

a. Provide an ethics orientation and training program for officials related to this ethics code;

b. To the extent requested by the mayor, provide such educational and training resources as may be necessary so that employees and consultants understand their responsibilities and required conduct under this ethics code;

c. Provide advisory opinions about the application of the code at the request of officials, employees or consultants;

d. Review complaints and recommend to the mayor or city council as appropriate for final action any remedies that may be required; and

e. Maintain records of all advisory opinions, reviews and recommendations, and prepare an annual report to city council on its activities including recommendations for any changes to this code.

Members of the Ethics and Advisory Board:

Bob Frause     Chairman

Sharon Betcher

Monica Guzman

Fred Herzon

Bob French

Communication to the Ethics Committee can be made to:

Ethics Training and Advisory Board Appointment Process

Advisory Opinion Request Form

Advisory Opinion
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