We Have Installed a Different Bulb - Please Check It Out And Let Us Know What You Think
Based upon your feedback we have asked PSE to install a different bulb as a demonstration. 
The bulb at 3rd and Park is a 4000 Kelvin bulb. They have now installed a 3000 Kelvin bulb at 415 Park.
Both bulbs are there so you can tell the difference. Please let us know how you like this new one.
We would appreciate your feedback -  sent it to mayor@langleywa.org. 

Council's Review of the Comprehensive Plan
Council will continue its review of the Comprehensive Plan on Thursday June 30th, July 7th, and 21st.  Council is currently reviewing the Utilities element followed by Capital Facilities, Housing, Economic Development and Sustainability.
City of Langley recently received a Grant to replace current sodium streetlights with LED lights.
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